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Hot Shot Delivery Service for Houston and Surrounding Areas

We’ve been servicing Greater Houston commercial clients for over 22 years. Hundreds of clients have trusted us to deliver supplies to warehouses and job sites when they need supplies transported fast and reliably. We’ve learned a lot during our years of service about how to partner with our commercial clients to provide the swift and dependable service they expect time and time again. You don’t have your doors open for twenty-two years by accident. We’re incredibly grateful to all of our partners, old and new, for entrusting us with their logistics.

What is hotshot delivery?

There are quite a few terms that are thrown around to describe this type of service. Whether you refer to it as hot shot delivery, hotshot delivery, hotshot freight or hotshot trucking, they all refer to the same service that leverages 1(one) ton and heavier pickup trucks often paired with large trailers depending on the job scope. These types of logistics services are most often leveraged by commercial companies looking for delivery of supplies to warehouses or job sites, which need a fast turn-around.

Why would a company choose to use a hotshot service as opposed to another type of freight service?

Hotshot services are faster and less expensive than traditional semi-trucking or other freight services, which makes it the ideal solution for companies needing supplies fast while maintaining their project margins.

What are some typical scenarios a commercial company would use hotshot delivery for?

Any commercial company, Business to business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C), that have important supplies to deliver to warehouses or job sites can or do leverage hot shot services in-house or through trusted partners like us.

A typical example is an HVAC company needing to transport heavy AC units to a commercial or residential project. These heavy supplies would be picked up by a hot shot partner and transported to a job site to allow the HVAC team to be more efficient and focus on what they do best.

How much do hotshot services generally cost?

The pricing of hotshot delivery services will have a few variables, but the easiest way to estimate your cost of delivery is to take the travel distance from the pickup site to the delivery site and multiply the number of miles by $3.00. This will get you a cost estimate on the higher end so you can plan accordingly. Typically a fuel charge of 3% will be added. Other variables to consider are wait time charges if supplies aren’t ready when it is agreed on, emergency deliveries outside of normal business hours, and other smaller factors.

Do you provide same day hotshot deliveries?

Yes, we provide same day and emergency delivery services for your most critical needs. Please visit or Same Day HotShot Delivery Service page for details or call us today.

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